Min-e-bitz The business now known as Min-e-Bitz, which was formerly called Minibitz, was opened in 1986 at Albert Road in Sheffield . In the years since then the business has been involved with a wide range of Minis. Specialising in early cars, we have restored many rare and interesting vehicles including Coopers, Cooper S’s, Pickups, Travellers and standard saloons. We have also owned Marcos, MiniJem and GTM kit cars.

After the threat of legal action by BMW, we changed the spelling of the name and re- launched the business as a parts supplier only with special emphasis on early cars. Parts for these cars are getting increasingly difficult to find but we still manage to source a few surprising items.

Please have a look at the parts on offer and contact us if you are interested in visiting the shop.

In March 2012 the business moved to :-

22 Carterknowle Road
S7 2DX
South Yorkshire
Our phone numbers are +(44) 114 2588761 or +(44) 77 666 86982
Email is nick@min-e-bitz.co.uk